Investing and WealthWelcome to the Seattle Wealth Partners website. We are a real estate and business investment firm. We buy real estate properties for our own account. In the past we have bought and held our properties for long-term cash flow. Our properties do not have debt.

However, since 2012 we are buying properties with leverage. Although we continue to hold properties for long-term cash flow we are also acquiring properties for short-term results. We look for properties that have “potential” short-term upside and we are not afraid to purchase distressed properties.

We do have teams that are able to rehab properties. So in one sense there is nothing that “scares” us. In fact we have looked at extremely run-down and distressed properties and seen the opportunity. We would like to buy more of these. These types of properties we tend to “flip.”

However, we are currently looking to purchase income-producing properties for the long-term cash flow and appreciation. We are also willing to buy these with partners. If you are interested in joining with us in these investments, contact us and we will give you more information. We are looking for “jewels” in these properties. Perhaps the location is good, but the previous owner has poorly remodeled the property and that is inhibiting the value. We do have an “eye” for what is appealing. We can fix those problems and make a lot of money.