Seattle Investing FirmMy interest in buying and selling distressed properties and businesses developed because of the unique relationship I hold with banks, other real estate and business investment firms and funding partners. This offers me unique access to great deals and the resources for closing those deals fast.

My philosophy is really simple: “if the deal is not below market value…I will not acquire it.”  As for the resources, I am very grateful for the trust of my funding partners. I treat their money as if it were my own and always focus on achieving maximum return on investment in time and money.

Another area I particularly value is joint venture networking. I am a believer that great deals don’t just happen, they come about by assembling the right opportunities with the right funding partner and making it happen. Partnering is not just who you know…It’s who knows you and who do they know.

Joint Venture Partnering is a must do marketing strategy for making great real estate deals and business investments. Partners are like good friends. When you find one, you want to keep them for life and vice versa. And just as we are always on the lookout for quality friends, we also want to find good partners. Let us know if you would like to pursue this opportunity further.

Thank you for stopping by and reading this summary about me. My door is always open for people interested in knowing more about my deal criteria and my funding partner model.